Take Back City Hall
It is time to bring back efficiency to City Hall.  Zero Based Budgets & Tax Cuts.  The free Ride is over.
Ward 13
Over the last 3 months, I have heard your concerns.  Thanks to the hundreds of you who have sent in your survey results.  It is time for city hall to be renewed.  

Calgary has been a dynamic city that I have been blessed to call home.  

What we do now will set the framework for our children's future.  Will we renew our city and become innovative once again or will we increase regulation, and taxes so that the most dynamic of our citizens (our children) move on.  

I know I want this to be a great city for my son to stay and thrive in.  Please help me achieve that goal.  
Please donate & volunteer.

Dr. Mark For Ward 13

Freedom, Respect, Efficiency

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Time For A Change?
Ward 13 residents - Thanks for your questions.
In this video I answer the most common question I get which is:  'Why I am running for Ward 13 City Council'.

Because: Respect, Freedom, Efficiency. If elected it would be my privilege to get the most out of your tax dollars. The city is here to serve you, not you to serve the city.
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Comments about Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark has been involved in policy, organizational governance, corporate governance, charity governance, and political policy for over 25 year.
  1. "Dr. Mark Dyrholm has contributed to leadership, policy and legislation that has dramatically improved the lives of Albertans".
    David Crutcher - President - Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB)
  2. "Ward 13 needs a rep like Dr. Mark Dyrholm who will represent and work for our views".
    Mark Manteni - Resident of Somerset
  3. "Mark has experience in business, he has managed budgets and he actually listens to those he is purporting to represent. At the local level he has united small 'c' conservatives from various political stripes".
    Norm Buckley - Resident of Evergreen & Small Business Owner
  4. "As a small business owner, Mark knows how to manage expenses and get the best value for a dollar. His voice will be an asset on city council."
    Jonathan Denis QC - Partner, Guardian Law Group LLP